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महाविद्यालय केन्द्र पर दिनांक १२-09-२०१७ से २२-09-२०१७ तक होने वाली बी०ए०/बी०एस-सी०/बी०कॉम०, बी०एड० पुराना पाठ्यक्रम (एक वर्षीय पाठ्यक्रम) एवं एम०ए० राजनीति विज्ञान-चतुर्थ सेमेस्टर (छुटे हुए पुराने परीक्षार्थी) बैक पेपर, अंक सुधार एवं श्रेणी सुधार परीक्षा-२०१७ का समय सारिणी देखने हेतु यहाँ क्लिक करें |

आज दिनांक २१ जून २०१७ योग दिवस के अवसर पर महाविद्यालय के प्राध्यापको, कर्मचारियों एवं छात्र-छात्राओं द्वारा योग किया गया |

बी०एड० सत्र २०१७-१९ में प्रवेश एवं बी०एड० से सम्बंधित किसी भी अन्य जानकारी हेतु बी०एड० विभाग की विभागाध्यक्षा डॉ० ललिता शुक्ला (मो० नं : 9415626206) व डॉ० अजय कुमार सिंह- एसोसिएट प्रोफेसर, बी०एड० (मो० नं – 9838719980) से संपर्क कर सकते हैं |


Computer Centre:

Wrap Text around ImageThe Computer Centre has about 15 computers. Broadband internet facility at the centre is used extensively by the college faculty, research scholars and PG students for enhancing their research/ teaching area based knowledge as well as for other

Central Library:

Wrap Text around ImageThe college has a central library holding sufficient number of books and periodicals/journals to meet the requirements of the faculty members and the students. It has separate reading room to accommodate 70-80 students.


Wrap Text around ImageThe college provides training syllabi for the cadets offering NCC, the organization engaged in grooming the youth (boys and girls) of the country in disciplined and patriotic citizens. For enrollment and other information related to NCC Capt. P. K. Pandey (Commerce Department) can be approached at the NCC office.


Wrap Text around ImageNSS provides diversified opportunities to students to develop their personality through community service. There are 4 units of the NSS in the college.

1. Dr. Anand K. Dwivedi (Physics)
2. Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava (Maths)
3. Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh (Physical Education)
4. Dr. Rakesh Mani Mishra

are programme officers of different units. For enrollment and other information related to NSS, anyone of the above program officers can be approached.


Wrap Text around Image Games center at HCPG College offers facilities of indoor and outdoor games for the wholesome development of the students, The center is very well equipped with the modern facilities. Various extra-curricular activities are organized throughout the year and the participation in inter -collegiate events are encouraged .Many of our students represent V. B. S. Purvanchal University team in different sports and participate in inter university /state and national level tournaments and secure position in these events every year.

Interested students may contact D r. V. K. Rai and Dr .S. K. Singh, Department of Physical Education.

U .P.Rajarshi Tandon Open University Centre:

Wrap Text around ImageU. P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University has chosen our college to be one of its study centre's to provide the facility of acquiring professional degree. This center runs various courses like Diploma in journalism's, library and information science, tourism etc. and many other degree courses. For details Dr. Prabhakar Singh, Deputy Convener (Statistics Dept.) can be approached.

JYOTISHMATI: To contribute the creative ideas in English, Hindi and Sanskrit among the students, the college publishes magazine JYOTISHMATI annually. Dr Balbir Singh (Hindi Department) is the editor of the magazine.